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Start of a New Journey...

After what was, painfully, a period of disappointment, the 2014-15 Essex League season for Bears Basketball goes down in history as ‘The Transitional Year'. This was after numerous roster changes off the back of some uncommitted players and a change in leadership direction, with only 6 Bears players surviving the journey!

The survivors, ‘New Breed’ of the 2014-15 season in Billy Lurton, Nathan Watling, Richard Pione and Tony Tiyou, alongside the only remaining founding Bears members in Mike Crumpton and Paul Newman, who collectively managed to drag the club out of financial turmoil and into safety. All this not before having to endure a winless season, in what has become a very competitive second division, and one we can all gladly put behind us!

So, what direction has the club now taken I hear you ask...

Well, with last season's roster cleansed, a recruitment drive took place and we successfully acquired a new blood of committed players, the #NewEra, revitalising our existing core players, and now we have a ‘team’ suited up and ready for battle again who’re aiming to bring the Bears some well overdue success! Already after 2 games we find ourselves in the Essex Shield Semi-Final (Cup Competition), where we await our opponents from the Quarter-Final of divisional rivals, Oilers and Pirates (mid-Nov game), with the victor facing an already drawn home semi-final tie against the Bears, scheduled for the end of January.

Want to hear more?? Why wait, come and see for yourself and cheer on the 2015-16 Brentwood Bears as we play in our home debut for this 5th season of ours, against the Oilers, on Wednesday, October 14th! For ALL other game days, check out the complete fixtures list page. #BearsStandUp

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