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Start of a New Beginning...

The Bears have endured some challenging times over the 7yrs of our existence, with the 2016-17 season definitely delivering the most drama on the court as well as the usual amount off it.

That said, brighter times are ahead and when the roster is back to full strength, expexted at the start of August, competition for places looks set to be fiercer than ever. Right now we're after filling THE missing piece to our puzzle... Acquiring a new (non-playing) Coach to guide us through a well overdue .500 season!

In what will be our 7th venture into the at times confusing world of Essex Basketball, led by the ever-present Team Director, Paul 'Infamous1' Newman and Team Captain, Charlie 'The Juice' Hinds, assisted by Mike 'Mr Olympian' Crumpton, the new look Brentwood Bears will be aiming to achieve success on all fronts and will look to throw a surprise or two out to unsuspecting opponents who in the past have 'had their way with us'. We've become fiercer animals now, Division Two, you've been warned! 😎🐻🏀 #BearsStandUp

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